The Challenge

The Challenge: 150 books, read in 730 days.

So back in March I turned twenty-three (on 16/3/11). And I decided that by the time I turn twenty-five, I want to aim to have read a total of one hundred and fifty books. Some people may have seen the start of this blog before – I did originally have it posted on Blogger but then life got in the way and many of the posts I started about the books I’ve read so far never made it onto the blog. So I’ve decided to move to WordPress (mainly because it’s prettier – shallow I know) and make a fresh start. 🙂

Originally, this whole idea came about because I have around eighty books on my shelves that I own, but have never gotten around to reading. I was going to challenge myself to read only those books within a certain timeframe. I wasn’t going to be allowed to buy any new books – a very bad habit that I have, and one I’ve been trying to curb for years. But then I decided that I’m not going to feel guilty about buying books anymore. Every time I feel guilty I remind myself that I’m aspiring to create the library that Beast gifted to Belle, or the library that Mr Darcy owns at Pemberley.

Of course, after I came to that realisation I decided I needed to set myself a different challenge. Ergo, the one hundred and fifty books by the time I’m twenty-five. 🙂 (And hopefully within those one hundred and fifty books, at least some of them will be from the eighty-odd sitting patiently on my bookshelves waiting to be read.)

One other thing I should probably explain is the title of this blog: As Read by an Aspiring Receptionist. I’m currently doing a BA in English. And as the song from Avenue Q goes, what do you do with a BA in English? It hardly leads to a specific career path. So I decided a long time ago that if my lofty dreams of becoming a published author or working in the publishing industry don’t pan out, I plan on becoming a receptionist. It’s a job I’ve had before and enjoyed so I have no problems going back to it if that’s where my life leads.

Besides, as a receptionist I’d have so much more reading time. 😀

Books left: 150
Days left: 569

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