Dear Childhood Crush…

Dear Logan Bruno,

I thought you should know you were my first literary crush. Also my first real life crush. Long before I started dreaming about any of the icky boys in my class I was crushing on you.

Granted, I can’t actually remember much about you at all, past the fact that you were blond… You dated Mary-Ann, and I think the girls might have eventually made you an honorary member of the Babysitter’s Club? Oh, and I remember Mary-Ann slipping at some point and you catching her. I would’ve loved to be caught by you any day of the week. Just so you know.




Dear Gilbert Blythe,

I spent a long time loving you. (If you want to know a secret, I kind of never stopped.) I first met you when I was ten years old, not much younger than Anne was she met you. And you really weren’t that nice to start with. I mean really, pulling her hair and calling her names just because she wasn’t paying attention to you? Kind of a dick move. But I can forgive you because you were obviously so smitten with her from the start, which just made me swoon for you even more.

When I was a kid and I used to dream about getting married, the man I pictured looked like you – the dark hair, the hazel eyes. You were my ideal. And you were just so nice! Plus, it didn’t hurt that you grew into such a handsome, intelligent, lovely man. In a lot of ways you kind of still are my ideal. So, you know, if you ever need someone to walk home from the train station or classes with I would be more than happy to oblige.




This is the first post in a series of letters that I’ll be writing over the next few weeks to my literary crushes. I had far too many to squeeze into just one post so they’ve been broken up into categories. As you can see, these first ones are to the book crushes I had during my primary school/pre-teen days. Next up will be my favourite book boys from my high school years. 🙂

These were inspired by Meg @ Coffee & Wizards, who wrote her own Dear Literary Crush post that you should all check out. I’ve just borrowed the idea and am running away with it crazily.

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  1. Oh Logan Bruno… <333

  2. YES YES Logan Bruno!


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