Dear High School Crush…

Dear Hunter Niall,

You’re blond. And British. Holy Lord, that accent, swoon-worthy!  And you’re a Wiccan. (By the by, I happen to love magick you know.) You start off mysterious and everyone thought you were evil but you drew me in anyway. Because you have principles, and you’re moral, but at the same time you don’t mind bending the rules a bit if the occasion calls for it.

I love that you’re snarky. And reserved. And protective. And loving. And you don’t back down.

Can I please join your coven? I want to experience the magick that only you can show me. If you ever decide that Morgan isn’t actually your muirn beatha dan, I’ll be waiting.




Dear Rushton Seraphim,

Oh, Rushton. Whoever thought carrying piglets around could possibly be sexy? But you manage it somehow with your quiet, broody intensity. There is a good reason why you are the Master of Obernewtyn, and not simply because it is your birthright – you are a leader. Your Talent might be latent but you don’t need it. You have a quiet power all of your own in the care that you show for your people. You put the good of all before your own desires. Elspeth may be the powerhouse, and Dameon the heart of Obernewtyn, but you’re its backbone.

Plus, that little bit of a jealous streak that you have but try not to let people see? Turns me on just a bit.

I’ve loved you ever since I first met you carrying that pig. Just thought you should you know, in case you ever get tired of waiting for Elspeth to notice the obvious.




Dear Connor McDermott,

I seriously don’t care that you live in Sweet Valley (or rather, whichever nearby town it was that was close enough to Sweet Valley that you were forced to SVH after your school was destroyed). You were everything that I wanted when I was sixteen: brooding, sarcastic, sexy. Plus, you’re a musician. There is nothing sexier than that. And you were taking a creative writing class.

So maybe you’re actually everything that I still want. If you ever decide to exchange the sandy beaches of Sweet Valley, California for the sandy beaches of Sydney, Australia I am all yours.

And okay, you’ve got a pretty big problem with alcohol. But hey, I’d be happy to help you stay on the bandwagon any day.



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  1. I feel horrible for not recognizing any of these characters XD

  2. Karen

     /  May 10, 2012

    I just looked at your Goodreads profile. You are currently reading 25 books, and have almost 200 on your “To Read” shelf. HOW DO YOU EVER FINISH ANYTHING?

    • lol, half of the currently reading books are uni ones that I’m slowly trying to get through. 😀 But yeah, I honestly have no idea how I ever get anything finished, lol.


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