The Receptionist

Samantha, in addition to being an aspiring receptionist, is also an aspiring YA novelist and is the biggest reader in a family of almost all non-readers.

She is taking the long route through university (that is, starting a Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, then changing her mind, spending two years failing, one year suspended, and finally choosing to pursue a B.A. instead) and is currently an English major. It will hopefully not take her another five years to finish. Samantha has previously worked as a receptionist for a freight forwarding company, a sales assistant at Blockbuster, and for the last four years has been a sales assistant in a children’s shoe shop. She would much rather be working in a book shop, but then we can’t have everything.

Despite having grown up in sunny Sydney, Samantha’s plan is to eventually move to damp, dreary England. Yes, even though she hates the cold. Her first winter there will certainly be a pleasant one.

If you don’t happen to live in Sydney, not to worry, you can find Samantha in various places:

Twitter: @samanthaarea



Goodreads: Samantha’s Profile

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